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19 Dec 2014

A Permanent Solution for Blocked Drains

Everybody knows how frustrating it can be to have a blocked drain in their home. Whether it is a blocked drain in the kitchen sink or the shower, you are going to need some help in clearing it. Usually, people turn to chemicals and try to unblock their drain on their own before calling in the help of a plumber. This does not always work, and even if it does work, it is just a temporary fix. It is only a matter of time before the drain clogs again.

Find a Reliable Service

Fortunately, there is help out there to provide you with a more efficient solution to this irritating problem. If you need clearing blocked drain Kingston services or clearing blocked drain Putney services, a good place to start is by finding a reliable plumbing service. Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing is one good option for you.

As a local business, fully qualified and insured with Gas Safe registration, Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing employs a team of professional and friendly plumbers and gas engineers. They will provide you with a free quote and friendly customer service.

Put an End to Pouring Harsh Chemicals Down Your Drain

Offering services in heating and gas, gas boilers, cylinders, and plumbing, one of their areas of expertise lies in clearing blocked drains. If you have a blocked drain in your kitchen or bathroom sink, shower, toilet, or even outdoor drains and garbage disposals, a qualified professional will be able to offer an efficient solution for you. You will no longer need to worry about pouring harmful chemicals down your drain only to find it blocked again soon.

For assistance with Blocked Drain Clearing services in Kingston, Blocked Drain Clearing services in Putney, or clearing blocked drains anywhere across South West London, Wandsworth, Richmond, Sutton, Epsom and all of the surrounding areas, consider starting with Russell Haskins. Call them up, and get your free quote today..