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Boiler Installation in Weybridge

Boiler Installation Services in Weybridge: Gas Installs and Central Heating Upgrades Are Offered by Our Service Team

Is your boiler too small for your growing family? Do you need boiler installation in Weybridge? If so, we at Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing can offer both plumbing services and boiler installation that is second to none in service and expediency. Both our plumbers and heating experts can assist you with plumbing and boiler repairs and upgrades and central heating maintenance and service.

All-inclusive Services

That is because our team of heating and plumbing professionals is well-trained in all of these areas. We service well-recognised brands of boilers as well as understand what you need in the way of gas installations, general plumbing and central heating in your home. We not only accommodate boiler installation in Weybridge, but also service the surrounding immediate areas.

Boiler Inspections

Because our core services are central heating, general plumbing and gas installation, you can get all your home service inspections done quickly and reliably. For example, our dependable team of heating engineers inspects boilers and takes care of boiler installation on a regular basis. Our inspections include the following checklist:

Inspect the boiler and controls to ensure proper and safe operation;
Check for leaks or corrosion;
Remove the boiler casing and make sure the main components are functioning correctly;
Perform a gas pressure check to ensure the boiler’s correct operation and the proper gas pressure;
Conduct a flue test to make sure no unsafe emissions are being released from the boiler;
Clean the boiler parts, as needed; and
Make sure the casing is put on properly and sealed.
From this inspection, we can determine if you will need a repair or a new installation. We offer boiler inspections annually. If you want to make an appointment when it is less busy, we suggest having your boiler inspected annually in the summer.

Some of Our Other Service Offerings

We, at Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing, offer checklist maintenance services for plumbing systems, which includes checking the pipes, pumps and radiators as well as ball valves, washers, taps and unvented and vented hot water cylinders. Central heating services are also included among our specialties, including power flushing for central heating units.

Our Service Is as Good as Word

In addition to the above services, we also stand behind our work, guaranteeing that our service is as good as our word.

If you need a dependable service team of heating engineers or plumbers, contact us without delay. Give us a call in Weybridge at 020 8787 5961 or direct your enquiry by email.