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21 Jun 2014

Heating and Plumbing Services in Southwest London

If you live in the southwest area of London and are in need of either a reliable central heating system expert or plumber, you can call on Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing or visit its website. These plumbers Kingston professionals can get the job done for you.


High Quality Services

Whatever company you choose to fill your specific needs, it is always best to go with one that offers a large variety of plumbers Putney services. Perhaps you only need one service, but if you like the job, you know who you can call on if and when you are in need of other plumbers Putney services. So what does Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing offer its customers? Below are just a handful of plumbers Wandsworth services that you can get through this company:


  • Installation of hot water cylinders

  • Pipe upgrades

  • Repair of gas boilers

  • Poweflushes

  • Gas oven and cooker installations

  • Shower installations

  • Drain clearing

  • Repair of leaky pipes

  • Installation of washers and taps

  • Installation of gas fires

  • Servicing of gas fires

  • Gas heating repair

  • Installation of underfloor heating

Basically, Russell Haskins offers everything, including the kitchen sink (Installation and repair of course).


Tips for Saving Energy

Everyone wants to save money on energy bills. Below are some examples of the sage advice plumbers Kingston and heating experts will give you.

  1. Consider replacing your old boiler with a brand new condensing model. This produces the exact amount of heat but with a lot less CO2 emissions and fuel, making it more cost efficient and safe for you, and healthier for the earth.

  2. Add a magnetic filter to your current boiler. This protects your boiler form deposits of sludge and makes it much more efficient.

  3. Service your boiler at least once each year. Not only does this help catch problems before they become too big, in turn this will reduce the cost of overall maintenance.

  4. Replace your current hot water cylinder with an upgraded model that is fit with an insulation jacket. This will help you save energy and make all of your cylinders more efficient.


Between quality and savings, there is no reason not to take this advice from plumbers Wandsworth and apply it to the systems in your home.