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Air Source Heat Pumps

Reduce your Heating Bill with an Air Source Heat Pump

Upgrade to an air source heat pump for low-cost heating and hot water throughout the day.

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Air source heat pumps extract low-grade heat energy from the air and compress it into smaller amounts of high-level heat, which are used to heat spaces and water. Air source heat pumps are an ex

Russell Haskins & Plumbing are MCS Certified Air Source Heat Pump installers and can offer you £5000 grant on the cost of your installation.

Air source Heat pumps are excellent solution for many homes and they can supply 100% of your property’s heating and hot water requirements. They are highly efficient and can significantly reduce your home’s CO2 emissions. Being electrically powered, there is no need for fuel stores or fuel deliveries, and running costs are significantly reduced compared to oil, LPG and electric boilers.

Interested in installing an air source heat pump in your property? Call us on 07951 173092 and take advantage of:

  • £7500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant (until 2025)
  • All installations are VAT free (until 2027)

How do air source heat pumps work?

Air source heat pumps work by using the outside air to heat your home and hot water. It’s all very simple:

  • The air source heat pump absorbs warmth from the outside air into a liquid refrigerant
  • the pump compresses the liquid to increase its temperature. It then condenses back into a liquid to release its stored heat
  • The heat is sent to the radiators or underfloor heating and the hot water cylinder

Call us on 020 8079 3355 or email to discuss your needs and your property’s suitability for an air source heat pump.

Air Source Heat Pump