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12 May 2015

DIY Plumbing or Hiring Plumbers in Kingston

DIY or do-it-yourself projects are appealing to many homeowners for a number of reasons. Not only may it sound like a fun weekend project, but when done correctly, it can save you money.

That is the problem most homeowners who we meet with plumbing woes face: they don’t know how to do the job right. When it comes to plumbing, this can be particularly troublesome. We’ve weighed the pros and cons for you below so you can decide if you should be calling plumbers in Kingston like us here at Russell Haskins heating or plumbing, or if you should try to do it yourself.

DIY Plumbing Projects: You May Not Need a Pro

There are some plumbing-related projects that likely won’t require a call to a pro. Installing a new faucet, for example, can be done by most and with basic tools most already have around their home. Replacing hardware on your toilet, changing a shower head or fixing an ageing washing machine hose are three other projects you can likely handle on you own.

The Problem with DIY Plumbing Projects

That said, those who are unfamiliar with plumbing issues, especially involving leaks, should almost always call plumbers in Kingston. Here’s the problem with water: if there’s a way it can get in, it certainly will. We at Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing, as well as other qualified plumbers in Kingston, are trained to properly manage every plumbing-related situation. This is important, as even the smallest leak can result in thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The Verdict

Our customers are typically more than capable of handling the smaller plumbing projects. These projects typically don’t deal with the water directly, but rather the hardware it may pass through when a machine or faucet is in use. Plumbing problems and errors in repairs can get out of hand real fast. For anything beyond swapping hardware or sinks and shower heads out and replacing them, we strongly recommend choosing a professional.