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10 Feb 2015

Plumbers in Putney Know Why Your Boiler Is Making a Fuss

We at Russell Haskins Plumbing have heard all sorts of boiler complaints – not only from our customers but also from the boilers themselves. Therefore, our plumbers in Putney and the surrounding area know how to put an end to a boiler’s diatribe. You just have to know what the appliance is saying.

A Major Warning and Alert: Kittling Sounds

For example, when a boiler is making kittling sounds, such as clunking or banging, they are responding to the accumulation of lime scale on the unit’s heat exchanger. Because lime blocks the water flow, some of the water will boil, then steam and expand, just as it would inside a kettle. Although today’s boilers are equipped with devices that will keep the appliance from blowing up, kittling is still a warning that leaving the problem go can cause internal damage to the appliance.

Whistling Sounds

Whistling sounds, also which result from kittling, can come about because of air that is trapped inside a system. Should the problem be trapped air, then Putney plumbers will find the repair simple enough to make. Whistling can also originate from water loss or a blockage or pressure.

Gurgling Sounds

Plumbers in Putney, at times, also hear gurgling sounds. These uninviting noises can be caused by sediment located at the bottom of a boiler or as the result of air in the system. Gurgling can also result from a frozen condensate pipe. Only thaw the pipe though if it can easily be reached and it is near the ground. However, that being said, it is better that you call one of our plumbers and have him resolve the issue instead. Don’t try to make any bold moves, especially if pipes are frozen and could burst. After all, that is how we make our living.