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14 May 2015

Plumbing in Putney: When to Call the Pros

Hop online and there are loads of fantastic resources out there related to plumbing maintenance and repairs. As many of our clients at Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing in Putney have found, however, is that these resources often aren’t as in depth as they need to be for the layman plumber. To help save homeowners from a potential plumbing nightmare, below are four issues and projects that our customers attempted to do themselves – and which resulted in a call to us:

1. Shower Valve Replacements

This is not as easy as changing out a shower head. This project, while it may sound easy, can be incredibly complex as well as time-consuming unless you are familiar with what is needed.

Our plumbing in Putney pros helps customers pick out the correct valve for their shower and will install it with the least amount of damage to your shower walls. In fact, we pride ourselves in leaving most shower stalls completely unscathed.

2. Water Heaters

This is one plumbing in Putney project you’d want to leave to us here at Russell Haskins Heating and Plumbing. Those without experience or not working under the guidance of a trained professional should never attempt to replace their own water heaters. Without proper training, one attempting this project can suffer significant injury or cause a massive amount of damage within mere seconds.

3. Tub Replacements

This seemingly straightforward project is a task that even the most experienced of plumbers often find challenging. We offer competitive rates for tub replacements, which often save homeowners on tools, repairs, and more.

4. Stopping the Main Line

There may be times when you will need to stop the main line, such as if your tubs and showers are backing up. This is not only incredibly complicated, but homeowners typically do not have access to the equipment necessary for the job.