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11 Feb 2015

Plumbing in Weybridge Addresses the Issue of Low Boiler Pressure

Here at Russell Haskins Plumbing, we frequently address plumbing services in Weybridge and the surrounding locales that involves a low boiler pressure. However, you may not need to call a plumber initially if you can troubleshoot the issue yourself. Our company can offer you the following tips so you can see if the problem is minor or one that one of our plumbers will have to address.

Look for Leaks if The Boiler’s Gauge is showing a Low Pressure Reading

Sometimes, the boiler pressure is weak because of a leak. To determine the water pressure, check the reading on the boiler’s gauge. The pressure will be indicated on one of the red marks that are featured on the face of the measurement. If the pressure is low, then look for leaks around the plumbing or the boiler. Also, check for leaks in other areas of your house. Often a leak can be found around the discharge valve that travels away from the boiler itself.

A Broken Valve

Do-it-yourself plumbing in Weybridge is not an activity you want to pursue if you can help it, especially if your boiler has a broken valve. This problem can be the reason that your boiler’s pressure is low as well.

A Less Expensive Repair

If so, then you will need to schedule an appointment for services for local plumbing in Weybridge to have the valve fixed. That repair will certainly be less expensive than having the boiler replaced.

We Are Here 24-7

However, sometimes you cannot get around the fact that the boiler does indeed need replacement. If so, then we, at Russell Haskins Plumbing, can provide you with the information you need in order to install a new boiler. We make every effort possible to address plumbing needs practically and expediently. Our team of service technicians is always on call to solve any kind of boiler or plumbing problem.