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04 Apr 2014

Plumbing Services in the Greater London Area

Quality, well-functioning plumbing is vital to the comfort of your London home or commercial property. This is because almost every part of your property is somehow connected to your plumbing system. So when plumbing problems occur, it can have a negative effect on your daily life and lead to additional stress. That’s why, when a plumbing issue needs to be fixed in your property, hiring the services of an experienced plumber South London contractor is so important. Multiserve, a top plumber South London services provider, offers professional and reliable plumbing services to private house owners, businesses and organizations, including schools, churches, charities, nursing homes, landlords, estate agents and builders. The company’s service areas include Putney, Wimbledon and all South London areas.

Plumbing Installations

Because the plumbing in your property plays such a huge role in your daily life, you would want to make sure that any new plumbing is installed correctly and legally. Plumbing projects typically require hiring a licensed plumber to ensure that the work is carried out properly and legally. A qualified plumber Wimbledon contractor not only has undergone the necessary training in undertaking all kinds of plumbing installations, but also has the necessary tools for doing so successfully. As one of the leading plumber Wimbledon companies, Multiserve has the qualifications and experience to complete all types of plumbing installation projects, including central system installation, underfloor heating installations, shower room and wet room installations, dishwashers and washing machines installations, bathroom installation, kitchen installation and many other plumbing installations, quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance Services

Your property’s plumbing system is made up of a complex network of pipes, fixtures and drains that are designed to provide a steady, reliable water distribution and sanitary waste removal, as well as efficient distribution of steam and gases. Naturally, it’s extremely important to ensure that this system is in optimal working condition at all times. Even a small leak or clog can be a major problem for your London property. With more than 10 years of experience in plumbing repairs and maintenance, Multiserve provides a range of high quality plumber Putney repairs, maintenance and replacement services to enable property owners in Putney and the greater London area to enjoy more efficient plumbing systems and ensure that everything runs smoothly. These include: fixing leaking pipes, taps and toilets, replacing Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), replacing ball valves and ball valve floats, connecting waste pipes, removing air locks in radiators, moving and hanging radiators, unblocking the kitchen sink and handling other drainage and blockages.


UK building regulations make it a legal requirement for local authorities to be notified about all forms of heating and gas installations, including boilers and fireplace installations. Only a Gas-Safe-registered engineer can install or repair a gas appliance. Also, only a Gas-Safe-registered engineer can notify your local authority regarding any heating or gas works. In addition, landlords are required to ensure that an annual gas safety check is carried out on their properties and provide tenants with copies of inspection certificates prior to moving in. Gas work and inspections must only be undertaken by a registered Gas-Safe engineer. Multiserve is made up of qualified, highly experienced and Gas-Safe registered engineers. The company’s skilled plumber Putney engineers can assist you with all types of heating and gas installations as well as repairs, including boiler installation, repairs and services, hot water installation and repair, radiator problems, system flushing and other heating issues.